Meesapulimala - Munnar

Meesapulimala tourist spotThe beauty of Meesapulimala has to be enjoyed through trekking. The 8 kilometre long trek from the Rhodovalley, 15 kilometres from Munnar town, offers the trekkers breathtaking views of the grasslands, rainforests and wildlife present at the high altitude. Rhodovalley is named thus due to the red rhododendron trees, which bloom here.

Meesapulimala tourist spotThough the trek is long, it is average. The treks start from the campsite at the base of the first hill. From here it continues on to the mesmerizing forests of the Shola grassland. The trail begins to get a little steep, just about 10 minutes from start. In no time you would be at the peak of the first of the eight hills. From the cloud-kissed mountain tops, you would get a picturesque view of Munnar and Surianelli towns.

Descending the hill would require you to cross the beautiful Anayairankal lake. If lucky, the wildlife of the Shola forests may come out and give you a welcoming sight, by the time you reach the seventh peak. On reaching the eighth and the final peak, the Meesapulimala peak, even though tired you would feel refreshed and excited to see the breathtaking views.

Meesapulimala tourist spotA point to be noted is that the beautiful purple Kurinji flower (Neelakurinji), blooms once in every 12 years (the next would be happening in the year 2020). And so plan your trip coinciding with this phenomenon and get a magical view of this from the peaks of Meesapulimala.