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Tea Harvester

Tea Harvester

Tea Harvester resort perched on the hillside in comfort and style, about 1800 feet above sea level, amid three acres of verdant tea trees, cardamom plantation and pepper wine, lays cradled an exemplar of fine living. Radiating the warmth and invitation of a planters charm, originally designed with 16 guest accommodations maximising the panoramic vistas of the emerald green plantations and azure sky. Tea Harvester is a boutique property brilliantly designed in spacious and contemporary architecture, where vintage meets vogue. Ideal for both romantics and jetsetters who like a bit of elegance and opulence.

We offer a personal experience of Tea harvesting, the beauty of the plantations authentic to Munnar, and the personal assistance and luxury of a boutique hotel.

Tea Harvester


All the rooms are approximately 450 square feets, including Balconies in Front offering a 180 degree view of Tea plantations &180 degree view of Cardamom plantation from the balcony behind the room.

Tea Trees

a smorgasbord of exceptional dining, serves in splendour and warmness, with traditional Kerala dishes reigning the list. The multi cuisine bistro is set on the top floor against the stunning expanse of the plantation at its fullest. Our chef is a continental gourmet specialist.

Tea House

Serves exquisite blends of Tea carefully handpicked and brewed from the very own valleys of Munnar's Tea Plantations. Its impressive decor showcases the history of Munnar from just being a Rain forest to a world s leading Tea planter and exporter. We have the very best flavours brewed and blended specially for you from Rose to Vanilla, Cardamom to Ginger just to mention a few, along with the classic flavours such as black tea, green tea and white tea.


  • Well equipped Rooms with breathtaking view
  • Multi cuisine Restaurant
  • Grillers – BBQ
  • A space for campfire
  • Tea House – with different flavours of Tea
  • We have a child friendly garden with kids' zone
  • A library
  • Experience or indulge in Tea Harvesting & Cardamom Harvesting
  • Free wi-fi
  • Tea Harvester


    Tea Harvester
    Tea Harvester
    Tea Harvester-Dining
    Tea Harvester
    Tea Harvester
    Tea Harvester-Restaurant